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DJSNA Events at the JAINA 2007 Convention in Edison, NJ &
the Launch of the DJSNA Audio Player
We are all looking forward to this year's JAINA 2007 Convention, which is to be held in Edison, New Jersey from July 5th to July 8th.

This year, we have many different events planned for the JAINA Convention, including the first Digamber Pooja.

A) A Shanti Vidhan Pooja will be held at the      JAINA Convention on Thursday, July 5th in      the Afternoon.

  • The Vidhan will be performed under the     spiritual guidance of Jain Sadhus and     Scholars who  will  be  attending  the
        JAINA Convention.

  • Arrangements for One Hundred Indra/Indrani
        to actively participate in the Vidhan are
        being made.
    • All Indra/Indrani will be provided with Kesaria Dhoti Dupatta/Sari set along with Mala Mukut and Ashth Dravya Pooja Thalis.
    • We request all members to register with JAINA and DJSNA in order to make proper arrangements for this event.
    • Allotment for the Pooja will be on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Please contact Dr. Dilip Bobra (dkbobra@gmail.com), Ashok Sethi (ashok.sethi@gmail.com) or Sanjay Pandya (spandya@ashidiamonds.com) for more information.
    B) For the JAINA 2007 Convention we have invited many Jain Sadhus and Scholars.
    • Bhattarakji Swami, Kshullikaji Shubhmatiji Mataji, Dr. Sneh Rani Jain, Dr. Jay Kumar Upadhayeji, Dr. Nalin Shastri, and Virendra Bhaiya with Manju Didi will be present at the JAINA Convention.

    • These Spiritual leaders and Scholars will also be available to come and visit your local Jain Centers.

    • For further information please visit and register at the www.DJSNA.org website.

    • Please contact Dr. MK Pandya (drmkpandya@gmail.com), Dr. Dilip Bobra (dkbobra@gmail.com), Ashok Sethi (ashok.sethi@gmail.com) or Mr. Rajeev Pandya (rajeevpandya@ashidiamonds.com) for more information.

    C) We will have a DJSNA Booth at the JAINA Convention. At the DJSNA Booth we will have many      complimentary items of interest and use.
    • Educational and Religious DJSNA Mini Library Book Sets.

    • DJSNA Audio CD's of complete Nitya Pooja recited by Pandit Jay Kumar Upadhayeji, especially recorded for North American Jains.

    • VCD sets of Vishesh Pravachans on special topics that affect our daily life by Aariyka Gadhni Pragh Mati Mata Ji (disciple of Achrya Sri Vidhyanandji) will be present as well.

    • These Audio files will be available on the www.DJSNA.org website for you to listen and enjoy.

    • Please contact Mr. Prakash Paharia (ppaharia@hotmail.com) or Dr. MK Pandya (drmkpandya@gmail.com) for more information.
    D) JAINA and JCA New York have arranged a Bus Yaatra to the Jain Center of New York      Temple.
    • JCA NY is one of the most unique Jain Tirths in North America, in which you will find, for the first time, all of the different Jain Traditions represented and all Jains are able to perform their rituals simultaneously under one roof. This serves as an example of Jain Unity with Diversity in Practice.

    • Buses will be provided for those who wish to visit The Jain Center of New York Temple on Saturday, July 7, 2007. Please register at the NY JCA Yaatra Booth at the JAINA Convention for first come; first serve tickets to visit this unique Jain Temple.

    • Please contact Mr. Rajeev Pandya (rajeevpandya@ashidiamonds.com) for more information.
    E) We are proud to launch the DJSNA Audio Player..
    • Please visit www.DJSNA.org/AudioVideoGallery to listen to your favorite Jain Poojas, Stutis, Bhajans, Aartis and Sadhu Pravachans. In time we will be adding more Audio & Video Content to both educate & entertain you.

    • Please register with www.DJSNA.org to avail the entire collection.

    • Please contact Mr. Rajesh Shah (rajeshshah@ashisrgems.com) for more information.

    F) Find the Location & Direction to any N.A. Jain Center or Temple.

    As part of Dharma Prabhawana, please ask your family & friends to register as members of DJSNA and be a proud participant of our Jain Community.

    For more information about these upcoming events that will be held at the JAINA Convention please visit our website www.DJSNA.org.

    We look forward to seeing you at the 2007 JAINA Convention.

    Jainam Jayati Shasanam

    Jain Centers & Temples of North America

    DJSNA Audio Player

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