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DJSNA Invites Jain Sadhus & Scholars to Grace the 2007 JAINA Convention
and Visit North American Jain Centers

We are blessed with Kshullika Subhmati Mataji and 5 highly learned Digamber Jain Scholars that will be visiting us during the JAINA Convention and afterwards. The Scholars are available to visit your local Jain Center.

To schedule a Lecture Series or Pooja Vidhan from any of these Scholars, please email Scholars@DJSNA.org or call Tel: 718-816-0083 or contact the following for more information:

Dr. MK Pandya (drmkpandya@gmail.com - Tel: 718-816-0083)
Dr. Dilip Bobra (dkbobra@gmail.com - Tel: 480-839-2682)
Ashok Sethi (ashok.sethi@gmail.com - Tel: 408-517-0975)
Rajeev Pandya (rajeevpandya@ashidiamonds.com - Tel: 917-783-7017)

For further information please visit and register at the www.DJSNA.org website.

Below are brief Biographies and Schedules of Kshullika Subhmati Mataji and the Jain Scholars.

DJSNA Jain Sadhu & Scholars Biographies and Schedules

Kshullika Subhmati Mataji: Please Click for Schedule

She took her Kshullika diksha at the age of 25 on April 25, 2003 at Pragati Ashram in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India from Tapasvi Samrat Acharya Shri 108 Sanmati Sagarji Maharaj. Prior to taking diksha, at the age of 12 she took the bramhchari vrata (celibacy) on her own accord and at the age of 18 she took aamaran bramhcharya vrata.

She has studied many Jain Agams including: Chaha Dhala, Ratankarand Shravakachar, Dravya Sangraha, Tatvartha Sutra, Samayasaar, Sarvartha Siddhi etc...

She has authored two books: Subh-Mangalam and Shubum-Shbhanam and is currently writing a book which will have Jain Shloks with their meanings. She is an editor of the monthly patrika (magazine) "Anklikarwani" and writes articles for this monthly patrika.

She is well known for giving discourses on Jain philosophy and instructions on practicing meditation. She has traveled extensively throughout India visiting various Jain Sanghs and Temples delivering religious discourses and performing religious rituals. She was the first Jain Sadhu to perform Kesh Lonch in North America in October 2006 at the JCNC Jain Center in San Jose, California and showed the path of renunciation to the shravaks of Northern America. This event was webcasted live and viewed by shravaks all over America, India and other parts of the world. This is Mataji's second visit to the United States.

She is fluent in Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi.

Pandit Jay Kumarji Upadhye: Please Click for Schedule

Dr. Jay Kumarji Upadhye is a renowned Jain Scholar. He was born in 1956 in Karnataka and has a Masters in Jain Temple Ceremony (Pratishthaacharya), Masters in Jain Householders Aacharan (Grahasthacharya) from Guru Parampara, Masters in Building Architect (Vastu Vidya Visharad), Jain Astrology (Jyotishacharya), Jain Bhakti Sangeet (Sangeet Ratnakar) from Shri MohanLal Sukhadia Vishwa Vidyalaya Udaipur & Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vishwa Vidyalaya Delhi. He got his Doctorate in Critical Analysis of Jyotish & VastuVidya in Prakrit.

He is currently a lecturer in the Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit University, New Delhi. He is a VidhaanAcharya & Pratishthacharya. He has published numerous books on Jain Dharam, Marriage Ceremony and Jyotish & Vastuvidya. He is disciple of Acharya Shri Muni Vidyanandji Maharaj.

He has traveled extensively in India and overseas including US & Canada delivering religious discourses & performing Jain sansakaaras. He performed the Pratishta Ceremony of the Adinath Jinalaya at the Jain Center of America Temple in New York in June 2005. He is directing and recording a three set Audio CD of Digamber Jinendra Archana & Pooja commissioned by DJSNA that will be released at the JAINA 2007 Convention.

He is fluent in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Professor Nalin K. Shastree: Please Click for Schedule

Professor in the University Teaching Department of Botany, Magadh University, Bodhgaya.

Prof. Shastree has extensively worked in the domain of value education, evaluation of projects, distance education, contemporary development, internationalization, privatization of higher education, understanding and management of changes in the University system and has made significant presentations in various national as well as international seminars and publications in different journals of repute.

Prof. Shastree started his professional career in 1976 from Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya as a Lecturer and got an elevation to the Professorial position in the year 1992. He transformed himself as an educational manager, by way of learning the form and style of the rapidly changing knowledge society and served in various senior managerial capacities in institutions of higher learning, which include the positions of Principal, Co-ordinator, College Development Council and Registrar, respectively, in institutions including Vaish College, Rohtak, J.V.B. Institute, Ladnun, Magadh University, Bodhgaya, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow and Guru Gobind Singn Indraprastha University, Delhi.

He has Four Books, twenty seven research papers and more than two dozen articles on various dimensions of his basic discipline and also the educational management to his credit. He has also conducted MDP's for various organizations in respect of human resource development, career counseling and institutional development and management.

Prof. Shastree specialty is the Jaina view of Ecology and the Environment and Peace with Dialogue through Anekantvad.

Dr. Sneh Rani Jain: Please Click for Schedule

B.Sc., M. Pharm., Ph.D. from Sagar University, India.

She holds a meritorious Academic record and is the first woman Ph.D. in Pharmacy from India. She did her post-doctoral research in Bio-Technology & Pharmacy in Germany and West Virgina. She has taught Pharmacy at the Graduate & Post Graduate level in several Universities in India. Dr. Sneh Rani's religious interests were inspired by Baal Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj. She devoted herself as Brahmacharini, joining the Sangha and also attending her work-duties. She took the Anuvrata-oath in 1984 and Brahmacharya-oath in 1986.

She developed a deep interest in History and Archaeology and has published several books and numerous research papers on Indus Valley, Harappan, Shravan Belagola and other ancient archaeological sites related to Jainism. She has written and composed several Songs of Jain Themes in English for Children, and has prepared a Pictorial Book on Religion with the Title: "Jainism - The Eternal Truth". Her first song appeared at the Parliament of World Religion in Chicago, 1993. She has more than 50 published papers on Pharmacy and has written over 100 articles on Jain and Archaeological themes in National and International Magazines.

Her specialty is in Jain Metaphysics and the Scientific principles of the Jain Religion. She is fluent in English, German, Russian, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Marathi.

Virendra Shastri & Manju Didi: Please Click for Schedule

Virendra Bhaiya and Manju Didi have both been residents of the Shravak and Shravika Ashrams in Indore for over four years, where they were educated in Jain Shastra and Rituals under the spiritual guidance of Pandit Shri Ratan Lalji Shastri. They are currently based in New Delhi and Shri Samed Shikharji where they serve the Digamber Jain community in all types of religious functions such as Panch Kalyanaks, Vedi Pratishthas, Vidhans, Poojas and Das Lakshan Parva Celebration. They are also proficient in performing marriages, house warmings and Vidhan Poojas in shravak households.

We are hoping that they will be able to have an extended stay in New York to serve the JCA NY community as well as the North American Jain community at large. They are scheduled to be at the Jain Center of America Center - JCA NY to celebrate Das Lakshan Parva this year.

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