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Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Adinath at Bawangaja &
DJSNA Teerth Yaatra ~ Jan 26 - Feb 10, 2008

Temple DJSNA is pleased to invite you to participate in a unique international event: The Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Sri Adinath at Bawangaja Teerth, also know as Siddha Kshetra Chulgiri, near Indore MP, India.

Chulgiri Sidhha Kshetra is situated at the highest point of the Satpura mountain range. It is believed to be over 2,000 years old. This place is adorned with beautiful sights & green vegetation. It is a peaceful area with waterfalls, gardens, and a view of the Narmada River flowing in front of the hill. There are over 40 temples built at various times on and around this hill.

The Khadgasana (standing) idol of Bhagwan Adinath is a monolith statue carved out of a single mountain. This huge and magnificent idol is the tallest statue in the world carved from a single rock. This idol of Bhagwan Adinath is 84 feet tall (or fifty two arm lengths or bawangaja or 1008 inches) and carved out of brown stone. The sculpture of this idol is extraordinary. On the face of the idol of Bhagawan Adinath there are expressions of detachment and peace which arouse deep devotion in the heart of the Yaatris.

Muni Sri 108 Gupti Sagar Ji Maharaj, a disciple of Acharya Sri 108 Vidhya Nand Ji Maharaj is the spiritual guide of this     Mahamastakabhishek ceremony that takes place every 12 years.
For many of us who missed last year’s Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Bahubali in Shravanbelgola, now have this golden opportunity to participate in a similar celebration of our First Thirthankar of the present time cycle and the father of Bahubali Swami. This celebration is being programmed and managed by the same group of dedicated Jain Community leaders who managed Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Bahubali last year.

DJSNA is pleased to have finalized the plans for Mahamastakabhishek of Sri Adinath Swami at Bawangaja along with a Teerth Yaatra through parts of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan and the rare opportunity of being with Acharya Sri 108 VidhyasagarJi Maharaj along with his Sangh of Forty Digamber Munis. Many of the Muni's in the Sangh are highly educated with graduate and postgraduate degrees. A few of them have returned from North America and have taken Muni Diksha. We will all be amazed to see them practicing the Muni Dharma, very close to what is described in our Shastra's.

The Yaatri's will then proceed for Darshan of our Teerths, many of which are 1,000 to 1,500 years old, which are located in the heart of Bundelkhand (Madhya Pradesh) including Kundalpur (Bade Baba), Dev Garh, Nainagiri, Dronagiri, Khajuraho, Sonagiri (place of Chandraprabhu Swami Samosharan), and the Gwalior Fort for the world famous immense Jain Murtis carved on the side of the mountain.

The Yaatri's will then proceed to Rajasthan to visit Jaipur, Teerth of Sri MahavirJi, Sri PadampuraJi, Sanganer, Aamber and Ajmer to see one of the hidden wonder of Jain Arts and Architecture "SoniJi Ki Nasia", and than visit the new temple complex at Nareli by RK Marbles.

The Sangh will then proceed to Agra (Uttar Pradesh) for visiting the Taj Mahal and then to Hastinapur to have Darshan of Aariyka Gadhni 108 Gyan Mati MataJi and Trilok Sansthan with Rachana of Dhai Dweep. Our tour will conclude with Darshan of Acharya Vidhya Nand Ji Maharaj, Lal Mandir and some other historic places in Delhi. This 'two week' religious pilgrimage will take us out of our present life to experience and feel proud of our rich Jain heritage and cherish these memories for the rest of our life.

The tour arrangements are being coordinated by a well experienced Central India Tour Agency "Samarath Padmalaya", from Gwalior, who have also served the visiting students & scholars of the International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS), sponsored by many of us.

Out of the fourteen nights, eleven nights stay will be in good hotels with double occupancy rooms, and the balance of the three nights will be in first class guest houses in Sri MahavirJi, SonagiriJi and HastinapurJi.

Road traveling will be mostly in the day to evening time in a 2x2 Luxury Video Coach with each Bus having 35 seats each. Jain Scholars serving the group of International Summer School (ISSJS) will be the guide for the tour. Video recorded Pravachans of Ariyaka Gadhni 105 Pragya Mati MataJi on Karma Siddhant from Niyam Saar Karmakand and Samay Saar both by Achrya Kundkund Swami will be played while traveling in the bus.

A Catering Team will accompany the yaatris. They will prepare fresh breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and supper. No meals will be served after sunset and no jamikand (root vegetables) will be served during this religious yaatra. Mineral water for drinking will be served at no extra cost.

As requested by many of us in North America, limited numbers of immediate family members of NRI's living in India, can also join the Yaatra Sangh on their journey.

Total cost for the two week land tour which will be starting in Indore and ending in Delhi is $750 per Yaatri.

Please download the DJSNA Teerth Yaatra Participation Form and fill out the required information and mail it along with a check of $250 made payable to DJSNA before December 31, 2007. A refund of $200 will be returned back for any cancellations before January 5, 2008. The balance amount of $500 (Rs. 20,000) will need to be paid in Indore in Indian Rupees at the start of the tour at the exchange rate of Rs. 40 per US Dollar.

Please click on or copy and paste the below link into your browser address bar to download the DJSNA Teerth Yaatra Participation Form


The DJSNA Teerth Yaatra Committee will make the final and binding decision on any matters concerning itinerary, travel time, visiting locations and other matters.

Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Adinath at Bawangaja &
DJSNA Teerth Yaatra - Jan 26 - Feb 10, 2008 - Schedule

25/01/08 Indore
Night stay at Indore hotel.
26/01/08 Indore - Bawangaja
After breakfast departure to Bawangaja by bus and night stay.
27/01/08 Bawangaja
Night stay at Bawangaja.
28/01/08 Bawangaja - Indore
Sight seeing Kanch Mandir in Indore and night stay.
29/01/08 Indore - Sagar
Departure from Indore to Sagar via Pushpgiri, Bhopal and night stay at Sagar.
30/01/08 Shri Aacharya VidyasagarJi darshan.
31/01/08 Shri Aacharya VidyasagarJi darshan.
01/02/08 Sagar - Kundalpur
Full day darshan at Kundalpur and night stay at Sagar.
02/02/08 Sagar - Khajuraho
Departure to Khajurajo by bus and night stay.
03/02/08 Khajuraho
Full day temple complex sight seeing and night stay.
04/02/08 Khajuraho - Sonagiri
Departure to Sonagiri via darshan of Nainagiri, Dhronagiri, Devgar. Night stay at Sonagiri.
05/02/08 Sonagiri - Gwalior
Afternoon departure to Gwalior. Sight seeing and night stay at Gwalior.
06/02/08 Gwalior - Agra - MahavirJi
Departure from Gwalior to MahavirJi via sight seeing of Taj Mahal Agra and night stay at MahavirJi.
07/02/08 MahavirJi - Padam Prabhu - Jaipur
Darshan of MahavirJi , Padamprabhu Darshan on the way and night stay at Jaipur.
08/02/08 Jaipur - Ajmer - Nareli
Darshan of SoniJi ki Nasia at Ajmer and Nareli. Night stay at Jaipur.
09/02/08 Jaipur - Hastinapur
Sight seeing at Jaipur and departure to Hastinapur and night stay.
10/02/08 Hastinapur - Delhi
Darshan at Hastinapur and drop off at Delhi.

Tour Includes:

  • 2x2 Luxury bus
  • Stay in good hotels with twin sharing
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • All tickets of sight seeing places
  • Mineral water (4 bottles per person)
  • Educated and experienced tour staff
  • DJSNA Teerth Yaatra Committee:

    Dr. Dilip Bobra,   Arizona,  dkbobra@gmail.com

    Dr. Chandra Khasgiwala,  Boston,  ckhasgiwala@yahoo.com

    Mr. Prakash Paharia, Philadelphia,  ppaharia@hotmail.com

    Mr. Rajeev Pandya, New York,  rajeevpandya@ashidiamonds.com

    Mr. Ashok Sethi, California,  ashok.sethi@gmail.com

    Ms. Shilpa Pandya, New York,  shilpapandya@ashidiamonds.com

    DJSNA request anyone interested in this Teerth Yaatra to please contact by email: 
    DJSNA-YAATRA@googlegroups.com  or  drmkpandya@gmail.com

    Please visit DJSNA.org for more information.

    Dr. Mahendra Pandya
    Digamber Jain Sangh of North America

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    Prakash Paharia   .   Rajeev Pandya

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